The Calessino


Come on for a tour

Why reach the beach or the cliff on foot? The Hotel Baia del Capitano offers its guests a comfortable and traditional means of transport: an evocative and unconventional transfer service with a motorized buggy to get to your destination effortlessly even in the hottest hours of the day. In a few moments you will be on the seashore, ready to dive into the blue sea of Mazzaforno, and during the journey you just have to admire the glimpses that only Sicily can offer, between sea and mountains.

Hotel Baia del Capitano offers much more than a transport service. Getting on the gig means indulging in a truly unique experience, immersing yourself in the authentic Sicilian tradition. The calessino is a three-wheeled Ape, the vehicle par excellence for island travel. With its sleek soft top, white-rimmed wheels and wooden doors, it’s waiting for you to take it for a spin. The calessino will accompany you wherever you want, for a holiday in pure Sicilian style without sacrificing comfort. Hotel Baia del Capitano awaits you for an out of the ordinary experience that you will not forget.

il calessino servizio navetta di hotel baia del capitano

Modernity and tradition

A “journey” from other times designed for you. The Ape calesse – the “lapa” in dialect – is also at your disposal for trips to Cefalù. Its small size makes it the perfect vehicle to walk through the medieval alleys of the Norman town. It has an open structure, which allows those who board to savor the surrounding colors and smells. The canopy shelters the passengers from the sun’s rays and makes the buggy the perfect vehicle for getting around even in the hottest hours, in complete comfort. With its low emissions, the buggy is also environmentally friendly. Hotel Baia del Capitano respects and enhances the natural setting that surrounds it, starting with Cefalù, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2015.

The calessino service is active every day, from 1 June to 30 September.

Tesori archeologici di Cefalù